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Who are you?

Who are you?

What makes you tick…

Do you like routines or just totally go with the flow?

What makes you irritated?

How do you finish a task (just good enough or only to perfection)?

Can you sit still and relax or do you have to always be doing something?

Do you like to be the life of the party or gathering?

What determines your level of effort?

How do you re-energize?

Can you let someone else take control of a situation?

Personality tests…

Personality tests focus on you learning about you. You discover and become aware of why you respond the way you do. The awareness leads to empathy. Empathy leads to a better understanding of how/why other people respond the way they do. The understanding of others improves relationships. The idea is that everyone becomes better.

The self-improvement happens by 1) becoming aware of your reaction/response, 2) determining if that reaction/response is healthy and 3) deciding to change your attitude/position for the better. Hopefully, this 3-step process enables you to be your best.

Why the Enneagram over other Personality Tests…

All kinds of systems are out there (MBTI, DISC, High5, 16pf, HEXACO, NEO-PI-R, Enneagram, etc) to hopefully let you learn about you. I like the Enneagram because: 1) it categories you in one of 9 types 2) it identifies 2 other subtypes that you go to in times of stress and joy 3) it broadly categorizes you as reacting from one of 3 areas (gut, head, heart) and 4) it ranks your normal situational tendencies of reaction (survival, social, sexual) From my perspective, it takes into account all of our humanistic aspects.

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