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What is Fitness?

What is Fitness?

Here’s the big question for the day……Fitness, what the heck is it?

I’m sure you have an idea of what fitness is that is probably based on health standards that doctors, schools, friends or the media in general has told you.

Let’s discuss that a bit. Since nobody really uses Webster’s Dictionary any more, I went to Google. Here’s what I found on Google…..Fitness means the condition of being physically fit and mentally fit with good health.

Wow, what does that mean? Condition is a big word that really means your present state right now. It’s your baseline at this time. The definition then describes 3 components of fitness: physically fit, mentally fit and good health.

I actually like that definition, even though it has 3 “general” statements. Is it a concrete definition that you can grab ahold of and say….yes, I’m there? Absolutely not! Those 3 components are constantly moving and affected by all kinds of stuff. For me, it really brings home what I think is important to realize about life. Our life circumstances are constantly changing and we need to always try and improve our situation by learning and doing. That’s the beauty of life….and I hope you choose to look at it in that positive perspective.

Now what about your fitness?

It all starts with an individual analysis and honest evaluation of where you are!

Let’s talk about the “physically fit” component. Ask yourself some question: Am I satisfied with how my body looks? Am I able to do the things I want to do? What underlying medical conditions do I need to consider?

If you have an honest friend who’s not afraid to call you out and you can handle it, ask their opinion too.

With all that being said and an honest evaluation done, realize an important concept……You are in control of your fitness future. If you get nothing else from this week’s newsletter, please remember this: You can increase your fitness level with relatively little effort.

The main idea is to make one or two small fitness improvements and stay consistent. You will reap the benefits over time. Make it easy! Remember, “you” are in control.

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